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A Letter for My Little Angel

*Imported from my Old Blog* Dear W,
I have always dreamed of having an angel like you. And when you came into my life, I knew God gave me a blessing I’d cherish my entire life. The whole nine months of carrying you in my womb and all the time until today are memories inscribed in my heart. You know, I had a lot of plans for you, for us. All the things I hope would be best for you. From giving warm comfortable clothes, to giving you milk when you’re hungry, to singing you lullabyes when you sleep. But then mommy’s being around always had to stop early because mommy got sick. I had to stay in the hospital for long periods of time. Mommy can’t carry you when mommy’s at home, and mommy can’t get near you always, because mommy just can’t. You know, mommy is just sick but mommy is already dying knowing time is uncertain and I can’t be taking care of you in those times we have or we have left. Now mommy is always praying that I get well again, so I can make up for the times I had to be away fr…


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