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It was this day on 2005 when I have decided to have my blood tested (CBC and Blood Chemistry) in preparation for a medical checkup before I resume school in June. From the usual one to four hours of wait for the results, I got mine about 3 days after. I remember the anxiety that we felt when the hospital staff refused to release the results without explaining why and what happened.

I was eager to find out why that I have decided to go to another hospital for a repeat exam. I got my results an hour after but it revealed under and over-normal range results. It gave us an idea then, that it is probably why the other hospital I went to won't give me my results right away.

We tried to find information about the results - scouring books and the internet. Though we had initial suspicions based on what we read and heard about, we have decided not to dwell on speculations. We may be wrong and misinformed after all. And so I waited for my doctor's appointment.

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