Leptospirosis Information

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The Department of Health already issued a health advisory regarding Leptospirosis. Since almost 50% of the Metro's been flooded, there is a great probability that cases of Leptospirosis will increase.

Please take extra care should you need to (unavoidable situations) wade through flood waters. Wear rubber/plastic boots, rain suit with plastic pants, etc. Make sure you wash yourself well with soap and water (apply disinfectant like isopropyl alcohol if available) and take Doxycycline (phrophylactic medication) to prevent onset of disease.

This photo is a re-post from my previous blog post and from this source.

I also found other helpful links:
P.S. If you're planning to buy Doxycycline, generic meds (ex. RiteMed) cost around P2-P4 while branded meds cost around P50-70 in Mercury drug stores. 

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health literacy said…
Leptospirosis associated with liver and kidney disease is called Weil’s syndrome. The disease is infected and contaminated in humans through water that has been contaminated by animal urine.
Maan said…
I didn't know that, thanks for the info @health literacy!

We really have to be extra careful and avoid contact with flood waters.


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