Leptospirosis - Detection and Prevention

It is scary how typhoon Falcon very much reminds us of Ondoy. People are now more cautious, thank God! Since flooding is inevitable, here I am writing about Leptospirosis and hopefully help people take care of themselves more. =) Be safe everyone! 
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I find it annoying whenever I see kids (and adults alike) wading in the fetid and disgusting flood water. I wonder why despite the awarenes that the water is dirty, parents let their kids swim in as if it is a giant pool.

Photo is reposted from this site

I believe that more than recovering material things, health and well-being should be in foremost importance. I am reposting here a material (from this site) that I find very useful in knowing how to protect ourselves and our families from the killer leptospirosis.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. It is best to see a medical practitioner if you think you are experiencing any leptospirosis symptoms. LOL =)



Will said…
One of my favorite godfathers was infected with the disease when he braved the flood while he had a wound on his feet. He passed away, sadly. I hope people would be aware about the dangers of leptospirosis.
Maan said…
Hi @Will, sorry to hear about your godfather. Here's why I am posting about leptospirosis so more people will know.
Thanks for dropping by. =)


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