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Helping In The Way That I Can

I barely slept last night. Still worried that my partner isn't home yet, I can't relax. We were watching TV the whole night, texting friends and family - checking on them.
We planned to go to our relatives' houses that are already accessible and help. My dad, sister and I bought some grocery items, packed them and delivered them. We saw how much damage Ondoy made to their homes and properties. It is very heartbreaking.

Shots taken by my cousins from Marikina

Shots taken by my cousin from Paranaque
 Outside the Provident Villages via N78
When we got home, I was relieved to see my partner there - showered and fresh, yet full of mini-bruises and scratches. He hugged me and our son tight, and told us that he never thought that the extent of the damage caused by Ondoy was that much until he started walking along Marcos Highway.
He recounted what he went through since the early morning of Saturday. He even saw our high school classmate with her sister and dad walking along the road.…


Photo reposted from this site
We're supposed to have a family meeting early today at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. My sister and I left our house early considering it is a weekend - there's traffic and it is raining hard. Little did we know that the pouring rain would eventually stop us from reaching our destination.
The flood started to rise in Elliptical Road while we're passing by. We had to take a turn at Kalayaan Avenue (we'll leave our car and ride on our brother's SUV because of the flood that we might encounter) only to be told by the bystanders that it is already unpassable to light vehicles. Our car took another round at the Elliptical to take a turn at East Avenue. By then, dad called us and asked us to come home as the meeting was cancelled already.
My sister and I were praying hard and out loud as we passed high floodwaters along Commonwealth Avenue. We were checking the flooring if the flood has seeped in the car already. It felt like we were riding …


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