Mercato Centrale: The Round Up

It is quite hard to put every thought and feelings one has in just one post.
I for one, can't seem to determine how to share stories about the many different merchants in Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato.

I therefore conclude (ala high school science experiment a-ha! moment...) to just make a 'Round-Up' Post while I continually create new posts about specific products and merchants. 
(LOL see my list of backlogged posts). =D

Here goes:

>My first Mercato Centrale Experience and plugging the Mercato Favorites Weekend Treat:
>Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream:

>Allies Wonder Peanuts:

>Mochiko Ice Cream Mochi:

>Manang's Chicken:

>Baked by Anita:
Baked by Anita [Mercato Centrale] | The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink

>Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers:
*link coming soon*

>Empire's Macarons:
Empire's Macarons [Mercato Centrale] | The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink

>Jam Foods & Co. Angus Beef Tapa:
*link coming soon*

>Bale Dutung:
*link coming soon*

>Risa Chocolate:
*link coming soon*
I know...this goodie deserves its own blog entry.
But their truffles are truly delicious I was not able to take a picture before M, W and I finished everything in just one sitting. Promise...a post about Risa Chocolates and their sinful yet heavenly treats.

>Monster Burger:
Got monster appetite? Head to Monster Burger! 
Enjoy their burger patties either with buns or rice. =)

>Cake Avenue Bakeshop:
Like cookies you wouldn't want to eat because they're too cute? Go to Cake Avenue! 
Truly a treat for kids and kids-at-heart. =)

>Chicago Pizza:
Chicago Pizza offers the kind of pizza the US state is popular for - deep dish! They offer about 8 flavors to choose from and each serving is definitely big to fill your hungry tummy. Each slice is worth Php150 and can be shared with your companions. =)

>Matthew's Snow Cones, Corndogs, etc.
If you want some cold drink on a steaming evening at Midnight Mercato, go line up at Matthew's to get your cutesy cupped snow cones!

......and more! 

Will update this from time to time. Please check it out! =D

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Gene said…
I have been to Midnight Mercato twice but never had the chance to take photos! I was always overwhelmed by the food choices and forgot to take photos.

Thanks for visiting my blog, visiting back via TBE and also followed you in GFC. Have a great weekend!
maan said…
Thanks @Gene!

That happens to me too! I only remember when I've finished eating all of it. Haha!


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