Baked by Anita [Mercato Centrale]

If you're going to ask me to pick my Top 5 favorite merchants in Mercato Centrale, I will surely include 'Baked by Anita'

I have recently developed fondness for anything cupcake-y, muffin-y and yummy! I've been repeatedly baking Chocolate cupcakes and Red Velvet cupcakes just to perfect the recipes I found somewhere out there and tweaking them to make them better. 

It is a delight to see such cute mini-cupcakes from Baked by Anita. I failed to buy some on my first ever visit to Mercato Centrale but I made sure that in the visits that followed, I'm able to taste each flavor they have to offer. 

I find it customary that on my first purchase, I ask the owner/chef/cook/even the servers (of any food establishment) which among their selections are their bestsellers. Naturally, I asked Ms. Anita which among her mini-cupcakes got the best reviews. She personally picked my pack-of-4 for me as shown on the picture below:

my first purchase! melted in the car but still yummy!
(Clockwise) Mango Tamarind, Espresso Truffle, Red Velvet and Choco Chip ---  Ms. Anita personally picked for me =)
It was love at first bite with her Espresso Truffle! Gahd! Truly mouthwatering and decadent. Too bad it's a mini-cupcake --- and there's three of us to share it after I took the first bite and officially announced that it is a must-try. You won't miss this cupcake as it always comes with that cutesy heart icing topper.

The Chocolate Chip was expectedly my son's favorite (though he's still torn between this and the Espresso Truffle). Another chocolate-y variant that has that premium Valrhona chocolate in the filling that complements the salted caramel buttercream.

I'd like to think that my Red Velvet cupcake comes close to BBA's (Love your own much?! Teehee!). I love that BBA's red velvet is moist just the way I like it. The sweetness of the cream cheese frosting is just right - not too overpowering and very smooth.

I think my sister would love the Mango Tamarind cupcake. It has a positive plus positive equals positive effect that is surprisingly good. Sour+Sour? Wonderful!

The beautiful and very accomodating home-baker Ms. Anita Li =)
my most recent purchase: a mix of favorites and new flavors to try!
Top Row (L-R): Green Tea, Bacon Maple and Roasted Strawberry (new flavors to try);
Bottom Row (L-R): Red Velvet, Espresso Truffle and Mango Tamarind (favorites);

The new flavors I tried the last time I dropped by were Green Tea, Bacon Maple and Roasted Strawberry. Of the three, I like the strawberry flavored the most. The Bacon Maple tasted okay, of course there's bacon on it! I just wish it's still crisp and crunchy, providing a good contrast in texture with the cream and bread. 

M commented that the Green Tea flavored cupcake wasn't his bet - sure he's no tea lover - because he thinks there's a slight bitter aftertaste he doesn't want to have when eating cupcakes.

All in all I've tried only 7 flavors out of the 21 I know of - the 21st being recently introduced as the Lychee flavored cupcake with passion fruit and cream cheese butter cream and a sprinkling of Lee Hing Muy powder - a dry preserved salty plum - popular in Asian and Hawaiian markets. Sounds interesting!

their recent packaging for pack-of-6
contact details on the box

We shall soon take on the objective of trying all the flavors! M and W are BBA fans like me so that'll quite easier than I thought it would be. Haha!

Try Baked by Anita's Mini-Cupcakes! 
A pieces costs Php37, 3pcs for Php110, 6pcs for Php220 and a dozen for Php430.

Visit them at Mercato Centrale every Saturday and Sunday.
Know more about the cupcakes by visiting their facebook site [LINK].
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p.cook said…
I've been hopping into various food blogs and reading a lot about Mercato Centrale. Having come from far far away, I've become quite curious. I must make a mental note to definitely visit.
Anita Li said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anita Li said…
We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our cupcakes! Thank you for writing about us and we hope to see you again soon!

We've shared your blog on our facebook page!
maan said…
Hi Jan&Grace of P.Cook! Thanks for dropping by.
Mercato Centrale is a great venue to discover up and coming home-cooks and home bakers. A must-try if you are game in trying new flavors and unique presentations - just like Baked by Anita. If you want to learn more about the other merchants, watch out for my MC round-up post soon. =)
maan said…
Hi Ms. Anita! It is an honor to have you visit my blog. I am surely a fan of your cupcakes. =)
I'll try your Lychee-flavored cupcake when we come back.
More power and thank you!


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