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LOOK WHAT I FOUND: A letter I wrote for Everyone (2006)

After being diagnosed with leukemia in 2005, I created a blog in 'Xanga' which I intended to use as my online medical journal. I have wanted to write about my experiences, my thoughts and help other leukemia patients and their families by being a source of information and support.
I have failed to make regular posts because I was almost always in the hospital and there was no mobile internet tools yet back then. Somehow, I felt I failed in my objective. Thank you notes and general updates were the most that I could do. I'd rather spend all my time with my family especially my son who's barely a year old then - since I was not guaranteed of a 'tomorrow'.
Anyway, I'd just like to share my old blog entry posted in Xanga/reposted  in  Multiply and Blogspot accts. (June 2006). Here goes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everybody!!!
I just turned 23 last XXX…and it’s been 73 days today, after my transplant. Everything seems…


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