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My Personal Account of What Happened During the 2010 CAL Swimming School Swim Meet Last May 29th --- Where My Son Almost Drowned

My personal account of what happened last Saturday, May 29, 2010 during the CAL Swimming School Swim Event where my son Andrei almost drowned.
We have been informed of the CAL Swimming School Graduation and Swim Meet via SMS by Coach Tin of CAL Casa Milan since his 10-day swimming lessons ended few weeks prior to the said event. My son, Andrei, 5 y.o. is a beginner swimmer and since this will be a first time, we wanted him to experience the fun of being in a swimming competition – which by now I hope would still be the case.
Upon confirmation of our attendance for the Swim Meet, we were informed by Coach Tin that Andrei will be accompanied by a swimming coach during the event. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to make him attend the event. We are fully aware of our son’s limited swimming know-how given his age and his recently acquired knowledge in swimming.
Come May 29, 2010, Saturday we were all excited this momentous event in our son’s life. But it is sad that it turned o…


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