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Since we moved to our new home last November, I have been in total control of my own kitchen.
I make meal plans, do the grocery and whip the simplest to the most complicated recipes I ever had.
There are times when I savor every moment that I am in the kitchen.
I cook and bake almost everyday when I am in the mood.
But there are also times when I have other chores to do, work or simply just not feeling well - that I have to think of the easiest but the tastiest meals I could do.

I am no chef and have no formal culinary education.
My love for cooking started when I was still a kid, watching and helping my lola prepare our meals.
I learned cooking the Pinoy staples like sinigang and adobo without a recipe in hand - but by using my discerning tastebuds.

I am happy that despite having a picky-eater husband and son, I still satisfy their appetite and that I am able to feed them with enough nutrients that we actually need.
Hopefully, I'll be conscientious enough now to share and post my recipes like the way I did in my Multiply site years ago.
Please come back from time to time and see what's cooking in my kitchen...




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