On Respect and Gender Equality

I have been receiving emails and posts on my facebook wall about a high school batchmate and friend.
For the full story, you may check the GMA News website for their feature.
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Living in such a complex world, we cannot deny that each person believes in something that may (or may not) be right/true/correct for another.
Our time, is characterized by the words "freedom and equality". We now live in a society where women enjoys liberation and demand for fair and just treatment alongside men -- and that lesbians/gays/bisexuals/transsexuals' existence are treated with acceptance.
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Here is Hender's very articulate letter of complaint, as she posted in her facebook wall and
a link to a Filipina transgender activist's blog and her take on the issue.
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Over and above anything else, I support Hender for being who she is and for fighting for what she believes is due to her. It takes great courage for someone not only to evaluate and accept whatever sexual orientations they may have (and the repercussions that will come with it) but also to let the whole world that she (or he) is THAT. 
To judge is not an easy task. It is not done automatically with just one's feelings or intuition or even religion --- especially when pertaining to moral judgement. One must carefully examine the views we hold over our own and the other sexes.
Hender and the rest of the LGBT reserve the right to live with dignity, with respect and equal rights --- to live without prejudice --- in a world where a lot of people judge others unfairly because they hold on so much to their religious dogma. 
Just the same, Ms. Del Corro reserves her right to her opinion. After all, it is a free world.

"Live and let live." - or so they say.




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