There's Something about Mochi

Here's the deal - I am pregant...not.
But I've been having persistent and consecutive food cravings - each unique and different from the last one.

When I bought some frozen yogurt at Fruitti Froyo in Katipunan Avenue, I found mochi pearls and dumped a LOT on my cup.
I really enjoyed every slurp from that froyo mainly because I felt the texture of the mochi pearls really went well with the frozen treat.
Since then, I'd frequent that branch because it is only there that I found chewy mochi pearl toppings. 
(The ones from White Hat had a different taste.)

I think I am going crazy over mochi that during my recent trip to the Landmark grocery in Trinoma, I carefully scoured the shelves looking for Mochiko (glutinous rice flour) just so I can make my own mochi pearls or even mochi ice cream! 
But then I found none.
I was in the snacks isle when I found this box:

Ahh...mochi treat! I've decided to take the taro flavor...
Soft, chewy goodness! 

I think I might make some Guinataang Halo-halo with bilo-bilo or I'll beg M to drive me to the Mercato Centrale for a taste of Mochiko. Hayyy...cravings. =)




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