Under The Weather

I have not been feeling well the past two weeks. At first I thought I just caught the flu, as the virus seemed to be going around the house, infecting W, M and me, then W, M and me again. But after seeing my doctor last week and been given medications, I felt better for a few days but got into something that seemed to be a relapse.
I feel vomitty especially after I eat, headaches bordering on dizziness, on and off fever, chills cough and colds. I don't know if I should be happy that I lost appetite and for two weeks I barely ate anything that gave me a full stomach. There's this weird metallic taste in my mouth that won't go away even if I brush my teeth and gargle repeatedly.
I haven't felt anything like this for months already. The last time I felt really sick, I was to have my tonsils and adenoids taken out. We suspect my Graft-Versus-Host/Leukemia is flaring up as my eyes seem to dry up really fast and sores in my mouth develop more frequently. But my hema thinks this is another story.
Since my bilateral ureteral reimplantation last 2009, to correct a congenital problem, I haven't been back to see my urologist and nephrologist. I soon have to pay them a visit as my creatinine went up to 1.5 last week from the normal range of about 0.9 to 1.2. I am also feeling flank pains - which I usually just feel when there's something wrong with my kidneys. I am bound to have a kidney-urinary bladder ultrasound (KUB-UTZ) once I feel a little better. Doc also asked me to repeat the blood works once the fever's gone for them to be able to compare.
I am just too lucky I was feeling well when we went to Resorts World last weekend. Now I am lying on our bed, feeling bad that my two boys need me and the house needs some tidying up but I can't do anything. I can't even cook dinner so M bought Jollibee take-aways for him and W. The last time I tried moving around the house (just the other day) I felt clammy, with cold perspiration and was due to hit the floor and collapse. I took my blood pressure reading and it was 90/50. I hesistantly fell asleep, as my 6y.o. was alone with me doing his homework.
M can't take more leaves from his work as he consumed all leave credits when he got both his ears infected last January. I don't want to go to the parents house as I can barely move around, and to walk three blocks would take so much effort. I also wouldn't want to leave the house after the burglary attempt we experienced. Talk about stress.
While the blood in my urine has always been a sign of a problem somewhere down there, hema also noted that I may be redeveloping my reproductive system. After my 2nd chemotherapy last 2005, I didn't have my monthly periods. I was fed with steroids and hormonal pills enough to destroy some of my bodily systems. I may be living leukemia-free now but I am battling with everyday signs of premature menopause, among other things. So whatever that's happening with my eggs and my ovaries should be something I have to have checked as I might be pregnant already (LOL at that!) without me even knowing! (Immaculate Conception much?!)
And so I am feeling very shitty. I barely sleep a good night's sleep despite being on bed with my eyes closed most of the time. I wasn't able to enjoy the crabs, shrimps and lechon my mom served during my dad's birthday dinner last night as the littlest of food I tried taking in was turned into mushy vomit that went down the drain. And I miss playing and hugging and kissing my boys. Ahh I miss my boys...and the dogs too.
Crap. I feel like I'm on my deathbed right now. Must. Feel. Better. Now.



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