Awesome Birthday Cakes

I love CAKES!
Actually, I love looking at them more than eating them. =)
I am quite picky with the cakes I eat --- (just the moist and just-right sweet ones)
but that doesn't counter the fact that I am always awed by wonderful and visually pleasing cakes.

Here are some cool cakes I found while looking around the world wide web. =)

Angry Birds Cake
An ANGRY BIRDS cake! [link here]
I found an interactive Angry Birds cake and posted it [here].

Coca-Cola Cake
Who doesn't LOVE Coca Cola? [link here]
Gahd, this cake is pah-nah-low! =)

Bugs Bunny and a mountain of Carrots! [link]
A carrot cake perhaps? haha!

Big Mac Overload! [link]
love it! =)

Do you know of an awesome cake design? Let me know! =)




Nuffnang Large Rectangle

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