Big (and Good) Things Come in Small Packages

With hands still trembling, I took this photo yesterday morning after finding out about the good news.
This is the answer to my post yesterday.

Yesterday was the slot lottery schedule for the UPIS KAT passers who tied for the remaining 20 slots out of the 40 slots given to "outsiders" (meaning sons/daughters of NON-UP Personnel). Out of the 100 slots opened each school year, 60 slots are given to children of UP faculty, personnel and staff. 
Such limited number compared to the hundreds of kids (this year there were about 1600 kids)
taking the test every year.
There were 25 kids participating in the lottery and so even if they are all qualified, unfortunately there will be 5 who are not going to make it in the shortlist.
It is with pride that I share, that my son W successfully passed and qualified the examination, battling it out over a thousand other kids vying to get a slot to the (single-entry point) UP's laboratory school.

My mom and mom-in-law kidded me - that now I know how it feels - being so crazily tensed, stressed, excited...waah God knows what else. Grabe! 

So thankful to the people who knew about this and prayed for W. 
This is truly a very memorable birthday gift for me.

As one parent said, "Daig pa nito ang manalo sa lotto!"
That sheet of paper with the word "Congratulations!" shows that
Big & Good things come in small packages indeed!



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thanks suzi! grabe ganun pala ang feeling! =)

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