Constructing Learning through Technology

A Chinese Proverb says, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - I couldn't agree more.

As a mom to a 6 year old kid, it has been and always will be my drive to prepare my son for the future. I will give him the right tools to keep him learning - whether academic or practical. I don't want him to be tagged as just book smart or just street smart. I want him to be both. =)

Knowing that, I couldn't admire more the people I get to meet who talks about and actually does things to help not only their own kids but other children as well. Case in mind, the people behind the Constructing Learning Through Technology.

The Constructing Learning Through Technology (CLT) is a non-profit organization which aims to "provide learning environments" through the utilization of "Information Communication Technologies" for destitute communities especially the out-of-school children. They have put up learning labs in and out of the metro and collaborated with other groups such as SPECS to be able to reach more children and provide them with additional resources. 

Photo from their Facebook site

Through technology, the disadvantaged kids are being introduced to a paradigm of learning different from what they would get in regular schools. CLT incorporates learning through fun and games. In effect, the children are hoped to be developed as problem solvers, creative and critical thinkers, and responsible information users --- just as how most of us believe are the positive potential impacts of technology in education.

I highly regard CLT for taking it upon themselves to help others by extending help through education. By that, I encourage everyone to take part, even just by sharing the good word about what these people do. The CLT group is in need of learning mentors and IT resources for the children and if you believe you have the means to help, please do contact them. 

The CLT group is surely making a huge positive impact on the kids (and adults too) that they are helping. Through alternative classroom learning, CLT is touching communities and driving them to be self-sustainable. Just as how mothers like me want our children to be. =)

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Contact Constructing Learning Through Technology through their -[Facebook] and [Official Website]




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