HOP the movie

*This is an overdue post.*

In the spirit of Easter and the cute Easter bunnies...I am posting about 'HOP', a movie we watched early this month.
It was a story about family, acceptance and reaching for your dreams.

The movie (for me) wasn't as good as the Disney movies like Cars or Finding Nemo, but I am sure it was able to send the moral lesson across to kids and even adults like me.

I asked W what he learned from the movie and he said, "I learned that I should always listen to my mommy and daddy so I won't get into trouble." I think he got that from the scene when E.B. (the next-in-line Easter Bunny) ran away from the Easter Island in his attempt to avoid the big responsibility that is being the Easter Bunny and he ended up getting hurt.

For a preview of the movie plot, here's a video of the trailer:

We were lucky enough to witness a promotional for the movie right after the show. We waited outside the cinema for the lead characters (mascots) to come out and entertain us with a dance number. The staff also gave away freebies like door signs, stickers and activity sheets. They also prepared games for the kids.

Hop is still being shown in selected movie houses in and out of the metro.
For more details, you may want to visit the -


maan said…
Hi Grace! We enjoyed watching Hop. I was fascinated with all the special effects as much as my son was. Though it got not so good reviews, it was a pleasure to watch. Have a great time watching Hop!
Will drop by your site. Thanks for coming over here.
maan said…
i just love inspirational cartoon movies! they just tear me up. :') i'm going to see Hop soon!

I hope you can also check out our site at http://www.aheadinteractivetutorial.com. thanks!


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