On Forgiveness and Values

It's almost a year now since I posted about how my son W almost drowned during CAL (Coach Aris Lim) Swim School's Swim Meet. It was one of the most unforgettable moments that happened in my life.Unlike others who believe in "Forgive and forget." I think there's just some things you can forgive but never forget. 

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My son's able to swim again (they have swimming for school PE) and hopefully recovered completely from the trauma thank God - but I haven't. When we asked him what he'd like to do this summer, he told us he'd like to join swimming classes again but said, "pero wag na dun sa dati mommy ha." To which I quickly responded, "Syempre naman."

A few weeks after the incident (before the talks between our lawyer and CAL/QCSC), I received a call from Aris Lim, apologizing and offering my son free summer swimming classes supposedly valid for this year 2011. All I was able to say was, "Thanks, but No thanks." It's not FREE swimming lessons that we're after. We just wanted to feel that CAL/QCSC sincerely regretted what happened - maybe a formal letter or a personal meet-up or a sanction from QCSC to CAL would've sufficed. (Sometimes, I also think about my brand new cellphone that went to mobile-heaven that day and wish they replace it.)

CAL Swim School and the Quezon City Sports Club were contacted by our lawyer friend after the incident and they committed to make amends to us, but almost 12 months has passed and there was never a single SMS or email or call. 

Anyway, I just lift up everything to God. Bahala na si God sa kanila.

Since it's summer vacation again and I'm sure most parents are enrolling (have enrolled) their kids to summer classes, I just wanted to post a friendly reminder: 
CHOOSE WHO YOU ENTRUST YOUR KIDS TO. They may be teaching your children survival skills - swimming at that - but it's not just the strokes, breathing or paddling that matter...it is the values like respect and responsibility that are instilled in our kids while they do. (Values that CAL and QCSC obviously don't exemplify.)




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