Things I Love #4

I promised myself I’d cut back on my daily coffee intake (and no, not just because it is Lent). 
Before, I can finish four grande frappuccino’s from Starbucks – especially when I’m working and trying to beat deadlines.
Until I realized I had to stop – for my health and pocket’s sake.

Now that I am almost always at home, I keep myself from preparing myself a cup of coffee by just having some hot chocolate or Twining’s tea. The warmth it gives may be different from the high I get from caffeine, but it will surely give me a good night’s sleep especially that I am suffering from insomnia.

In my recent trip to the grocery, I found Lipton Milk Tea and decided to get a box to try. I’ve been hearing a lot about bubble milk teas, milk teas from Japan, Serenitea, etc. and though I am pretty sure this Lipton Milk Tea may be different from them, it may hopefully take me closest to the taste of those fad milk teas.




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