Yellow Cab Pizza

My mom, dad, sister, W and I were on our way home from seeing a loved one off to the bus station one afternoon. Hungry, my dad asked W where he wants to eat. W can't think of anything right away so instead, I asked him what he wants to eat - and he said pizza!

I've been craving for four cheese pizza and my sister wants some too. And so we've decided to go to Yellow Cab Pizza in Berkeley Square, along Commonwealth Avenue (Tandang Sora Avenue). 

The place wasn't packed for a Sunday afternoon so we didn't have to wait too long to be seated and served.
The servers were even busier taking care of the delivery service than the patrons inside the resto. haha! =)

They were polite and attentive,    even offering us magazines to read while we wait.

We have decided to order the following:
14" Four Seasons Pizza Php610
A sampler of NY Pizza, 4 Cheese, Anchovy Lovers and Roasted Garlic & Shrimp
My sister and I wanted four cheese but we want to give our dad something meaty so we got this pizza.
It's cool we were able to sample all 4 types. I loved the roasted garlic and shrimp too. =)

Hot Wings Php220 for 4pcs
I enjoyed my share of these juicy chicken wings! At first, I was hesitant to get one as I am usually intolerant of hot and spicy food. But the spice was just right even Wei was able to eat some.

Twice-baked Potato Halves Php195
There's never a Yellow Cab visit that I did not order these potatoes! Gahd, I love the cheese and bacon on top. The sour cream and chives dip makes eating these starches an even more wonderful experience. I used to love Wendy's baked potato but now, there's Yellow Cab. =)

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta Php250
If I were the potato-fan, then my sister's the charlie chan-fan! Even my picky-eater dad enjoyed this pasta even if it's not your usual pizza place spaghetti or lasagna. The mix of chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms and peanuts give a unique texture. The oriental sauce was mildly spicy but just right for me. 

We did wait a little before the food was served, but I appreciated the effort of serving all orders almost at the same time and not by installments. Given that, the food served were still warm (if not hot). The servings were just right for the five of us (there's one kid in the five) and we even had leftover pizza and pasta to take home. I feel the prices were reasonable - considering the taste and the serving size. 

By far, Yellow Cab is my go-to place when I need to load myself with some carbs. =)

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