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It's already May and within just a few weeks, kids are back to school. Since saving up for our big day as well as paying off our loans from our newly built home are our top priorities right now (being W passed a good school with very minimal tuition fee), M and I have decided to forego any plans of travelling or vacation for now.

However, W wanted to go swimming (still can't get over our Anvaya trip - we only spent less than Php3k all in all for that) and has been bugging his dad to take him to Ace Water Spa. Clearly, W had a great time the last time we were there, and I wasn't able to join them in swimming (I was still not allowed to bathe in communal pools) so M actually promised us that we'll be back. 
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We have decided to go there last Black Saturday hoping everyone else were out of town. Since we were going there with my whole family, it took us until after lunch to take off. Grabe! The place was so crowded! There's a long line in front of their reception area for newcomers, and there's another line for the ladies waiting for locker keys. 

We paid Php550 for adults and Php250 for kids 4ft and below and that's good for 4hours of hydrotherapy massage and swim. That doesn't include towel and swim suit rentals if you plan to avail of it. In observance of Lent, they do not serve soup after your swim but on regular days they give you a stub after paying so you can claim your soup after you swim and dress up.

I was unable to take nice pictures before I came in the locker area. (Sayang!) Also, cameras are not allowed inside to protect the privacy of the guests so that's actually a good thing. I'm just sharing the pictures that my SIL took from the viewing deck and from the Cafe.

See the crowd? The place was really packed! (It still got worse after an hour!) When we finally got our locker keys (which comes in a garterized band so one can wear it while swimming), we headed to the locker/shower area. We were given a head cap (since only a few of us brought our own) and was asked to remove our slippers/shoes/flip flops. We then changed to our swimming clothes, showered then headed barefoot to the swim area. 

You would be amazed how huge this place is compared to how small it looks like from the facade. There's a kiddie area, a lap pool, different kinds of water massage stations, hot herbal pools, steam & sauna and a cold for dipping after the 'hot' steam/pool sessions. They also have a rest station near the 'hot' pools and a water station near the swim area entrance. (They added more plastic benches to accommodate more people.)

I particularly enjoyed going around and trying out all massage systems only that I had to fall in line and wait for my turn (yep because there were a lot of people). I was cautious and followed the signs/instructions strategically located near the respective massage stations about the correct position when using a specific massage system so it can properly target the areas it is intended for. While it is also posted in the sign how long is their suggested time of use per station, it's cool that the jets automatically stops according to that time and you would just have to press the button if you want some more. After a full round of trying out everything, I came back to the stations I most enjoyed - like the Hydro-Acupuncture Bed, High-Pressure Massage and the Waterfalls. W loved going around through the Lazy River! =)

Another thing I liked about the place is that there are a lot of lifeguards stationed all over the swimming area. Since the place is very crowded that time, it is actually hard to spot whether someone's drowning especially kids. (Remember our 'Drowning Episode last year?') They were also strict about wearing the head caps for sanitation purposes, so when you take it off you'll surely hear a whistle blowing your way.

I am sharing here some tips when you're planning to go to Ace Water Spa:
  • Plan to go there when it's not crowded - usually during the opening hours or at night beyond 7pm.
  • Wear a properly fitted bathing attire.
    • For men, wear swimming trunks or any spandex and fitted shorts (somewhat like cycling shorts if you're uncomfortable with trunks.) No board shorts allowed.
    • For women, it is best to wear snug-fit one-piece suits. The water pressure especially if you're trying the jet massages might leave you running after your bra-top.
    • Undergarments are not allowed and wearing them under your swimsuits are also not permitted. You can't wear your cover-ups ladies and you have to leave everything inside your lockers - except for your locker keys, goggles, swim cap or swim vests for kids (if you're bringing your own).
    • If the swim suit you brought didn't pass their requirements, you may opt to rent for a fee or just buy a new one in the shop located near the entrance.
    • Everyone are also required to wear swim caps - so if you are sensitive about sharing things like that with others, best to bring your own.
  • Bring your own towel. Towel rental is also available but costs Php150 per towel.
  • There's a cafe if you're hungry. You cannot bring in your own food. They sell good food anyway.
  • Try all the massage stations - you'll definitely feel good afterwards. =)
  • Take extra caution if you're trying out the hot herbal pools and saunas and you have a medical condition. I personally did not risk dipping in the hot herbal pool for too long in fear of possible high blood pressure attack. But if something happens, they have staff ready to assist you.

There are a lot of other things I can share to you about my Ace Water Spa experience but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it more if you're going to try it for yourself. The spa is open Monday to Sunday from 6am - 11pm even on Holidays!

Check out Ace Water Spa:
Located at: 
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)
SFDM, Quezon City

Location Map (from their website):

Customer Hotline Number:
(02) 330-7776
Telephone Numbers:
(02) 367.8040 to 41; (02) 367.8061 to 62; (02) 415.0164

Official Website [LINK]
Facebook Page [LINK]



sarah said…
What does the rental swimwear looks like?
Unknown said…
Also went there to Ace Water Spa and it was a great experience! Would love to come back again especially now that Metrodeal has offered another Ace Water Spa deal on their website: :)


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