Burglary Prevention Tips

The burglary incidents in our subdivision are increasing in numbers. This is crazy as we are in a gated subdivision and we have guards. I cannot help but feel worried about my family's safety and of course our home. 

The homeowners' association are not doing what they are expected to do and I really am dismayed. My family took it upon ourselves to help and raise concern and awareness at least inside our household and our immediate neighbors. 
I drafted this 'Burglary Prevention Tips' (plus emergency numbers) that I intended to attach to the circular the homeowners' association circular to be given to residents. I thought of sharing this as well here as it can help a lot more people having the same concerns.

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Burglary can happen any time of the day, especially when everybody is out of the house. Here are some basic tips to make your home a less likely target:

  • Identify vulnerable areas for break-in in your home and make necessary improvements.
  • When you are not at home, make it look like somebody is there. Never leave clues that you are away. You may ask a trusted neighbor, family member or friend to look after your house during your absence.
  • Keep your home and its perimeter well-lighted.
  • Trim shrubs and trees to avoid giving burglars places to hide.
  • Always lock your doors, windows and gates and keep your keys safe. Use double-locks, pins, deadbolts, metal chains and drop bars for added deterrence.
  • Never let strangers enter your home. Verify service contractors/workers personality through their valid identification cards.
  • Educate helpers and every member of the family about home security. Teach everyone how to keep safe and let them be aware about common burglars’ modus operandi.
  • Always be alert to what is going around you – check strange vehicles parked in the area; ‘tambays’ and strangers loitering around especially those carrying big bags and backpacks; people making door-to-door solicitations; and strangers sticking ads and flyers to your gate;  You have the right to question suspicious people in a respectful but firm manner.
  • Look out for your neighbors and they would do the same for you. Malasakit is always appreciated.
  • Consider owning a dog as they are great deterrents. Barking dogs create a disturbance that burglars usually avoid.
  • Install security and alarm systems if possible.
  • If your home is broken into:
    • If you arrive at home and find it broken into do not enter as the perpetrator may still be inside.
    • In the event that you are home when the burglars come in, determine if it is safer to flee or just remain still.
    • Try to pay close attention to distinguishing physical features (scars, hair, height, weight, etc.), clothes, vehicle and direction of flight that may help authorities to identify the assailant.
    • Call the police and/or security. Do not touch anything that may ruin important evidence or fingerprints.
    • Repair damaged doors/windows/locks as soon as possible once the police are done with the investigation.
    • Take proper measures to improve your security as many burglars break into the same home a second time.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the police or security force. Don’t assume somebody already did. Every minute matters.

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I am posting this on a Thankful Thursday because I am thankful that despite the horrid things happening outside, me and my family are safe. The break-in attempt in our house late last year was aborted and hopefully will never happen again.

Be safe everyone!

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maan said…
i wonder why despite the guards and gates in the communities, these things still happen. maybe a tighter security should be implemented! thanks for sharing!
I hope you can also check out our site at http://www.aheadinteractivetutorial.com. thanks!
maan said…
Hi Grace! There are informal settlers on the side of the subdivision. After Ondoy, the city government requested to have them temporarily relocated there. Apparently, city officials have forgotten that they were the ones who allowed the illegal settlement. Sad but it seems like no improvement will happen soon.
Thanks for dropping by. =)


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