Shopping for School Supplies Tips

It is just a few weeks left before school starts again.
When W and I went to the mall to shop for some of his school supplies, National Bookstore was already packed. I know most parents are now preparing the budget and saving dates when to shop for supplies.
As I am almost done with W's, I am sharing here some tips when shopping for you kids' school supplies 
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1. Make a List
It is great that the school gave us the list of the things to bring early (and it's a long list to begin with). By reviewing the list, I was able to determine which ones we need to buy and which ones we still have. I did an inventory of W's school things when classes ended last March so I now I can just compare my inventory list with this new list.
There are also other things that are not included in the school-provided list but your child may need - like replacement for worn out socks or a new school bag. Put everything down in a sheet of paper and discuss with your child what other necessary things he needs.

2. Have a Budget 
This is actually the hard part. Most parents have been saving year-round for our children's school needs and in no way we are splurging it on things that are bought on a whim. By checking out different stores and watching out for sale and bargains, we can hopefully cut down costs. Who knows, we can even have some extra money left.
Sometimes, bringing your kids to help you choose their things may prove worthwhile. If you let them choose among say, three options (you chose first - that qualifies with the budget and quality factors) chances are, they'll value the item more because they had their say on it. You can also start building a sense of ownership and responsibility in them by letting them decide.

3. Dress comfortably and Start Early
Prepare yourself for shopping day. I mean, if you know you'll be carrying bags and bags of shopped goodies, would you wear high-heeled shoes? Wear comfortable clothes and shoes/flip-flops. Dress down if possible (especially if you're eyeing Divisoria for bargains) as most snatchers/robbers' radar are on flashy, rich-looking shoppers. 
The summer heat and crowd are ingredients for severe exhaustion. If you start shopping early like on mall-opening hours, chances are there'll be a little less people going around and there will be shorter lines to the register. I also advise not to bring your small kids along as you may not get everything done. However, teens might be helpful as they can carry bags and line up for you if needed.

4. Quality and Affordability;
We all want affordable items so we can stick to our budget. Sometimes however, affordability may mean poor quality. You may have spent much on your child's quality school bag but it may prove to be so much better than buying a cheapo bag that gets worn out just a few months after (and you'll have to buy another one again).
Same goes for the branded/trendier items vs. store brands/generic supplies. Branded doesn't always mean quality. Sometimes, even store brands are better in terms of quality and value for your money. For example, National Bookstore has a store brand 'Best Buy' and is cheaper than other brands.  

5. Anticipate Future Needs
In the three years that my son went to school, we consumed a lot of bond paper/multi-purpose paper. I buy these papers by the ream so I can save (cheaper by the ream than per packs of 10s or 20s) and reduce the number of trips I do to the school supplies store. It also proved to be a good decision as there was never a time that we ran out of paper just when we needed it the most.
If you have extra money and there are sale/bargains on the things your kids use the most and all the time, go and buy some. Saves you money and effort.
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I am working on the last few items on our list and I hope to be done before the mall gets too congested. 
Happy shopping everyone!

*If you have tips and secrets - share it here with us! Just leave a comment...I would love to hear from you =D

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