Something Borrowed the Movie

Being not so really into movies...I mean, I am but not the type who'll go watch on premieres and that I let some really good movies to pass without me watching'll rarely find blog posts here about the movies I watch(ed). The last one was Hop, and that happened to be a treat for the kiddos.
Anyway, I just finished reading Emily Giffin's book Something Borrowed, which has been on my shelf for over a year already. Last year was crazy that I wasn't even able to read books I continually hoard from bookstores.
This is my book cover. I find the pink version cuter and girlier though. =)
I took it upon myself to finish all my back-logs before buying new ones now so here I am, with stacks of books on my bedside table. I am just so happy that I was able to design a 'library' - shelves for my books - in our attic so the books are somewhat organized. I am trying to build my virtual book catalog via Goodreads but that will make for another blog post.
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Last night, I googled about Emily Giffin looking online for titles of her other books. I have this thing for completing books by a specific author so there. I am surprised and felt giddy (LOL!) as I read about Something Borrowed now being a movie.
Okay, so let me rephrase my first line here...I not so really into movies but I get excited with book-movie tie-ins! There, there. Hahaha!
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What I love about the book Something Borrowed is that I can very much relate with the character Rachel. By all means, I follow rules to a-T so seeing the heroine go after what she believes will truly make her happy despite having to go through bitching, defying rules and choosing love over friendship was like - a 'Go Girl!' moment for me. 
I think almost every girl could relate with Rachel and that sometime in our lives we met a domineering friend like Darcy Rhone and the potential true love like Dexter Thaler. 

Hay, I'll watch the movie. Though I always have high expectations on movies coming from a book (and that I get disappointed always because a lot of things in the story gets lost in translation) I am looking forward to see Something Borrowed - a breather for mommies like me. I'm ready to get kilig and all that. Haha!

Here's a video of Something Borrowed's trailer...

It is now showing in major cinemas in the metro.
The lead characters are:
Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel,
Kate Hudson as Darcy,
Colin Egglesfield as Dex, and
John Krasinski as Ethan.
It's rated PG-13 and runs for about an hour and 55 minutes.

I'll update this post after I watch the movie alrightie! =)



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