Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Barbeque Restaurant

We love buffets! 
^^^That is an understatement.

Tong Yang is a Shabu-Shabu Restaurant that features a buffet aisle of raw cuts of meat, fish, vegetables, noodles that diners can choose from and cook on their own using a hot plate placed on the diners' table. They also offer a drink refilling station, cooked food area (with rice, pot stickers, etc.) and dessert station.

*I am actually confused now between the terms 'shabu-shabu' and 'hot-pot' as I often use them interchangeably. After a few clicks here and there, I found out that Hot Pot is the Chinese version while Shabu-Shabu is the Japanese variation.*

Tong Yang charges Php485.00 for weekday lunch buffet (Monday-Saturday, 11:00am until 2:00pm). The weekday dinner buffet (Monday-Saturday 5:30pm until 10:00pm), Sunday lunch buffet (11:00am to 2:00pm) and Sunday dinner buffet (5:30 to 10:00pm) costs Php585.00.
Do come with a big appetite and a not-so-super hungry stomach (as you will still cook your food haha!) because they charge an additional Php500.00 for leftovers.

Going back, I'd like to share our usual routine when dining in Tong Yang - TongYang101.
Once seated, the waiter asks for the soup that you prefer - choices usually are: chicken, sinigang, spicy soup - and they are going to pour it on the pot(s) on your table. Depending on how many you are in your group and how many pots there are in your table, you can choose to have different soups on each pots.

Head on to the buffet aisle and get your own selections. 
(***Don't leave your things unattended.
We usually go by batches so there are people left to watch over our bags.***)
This is the raw goods buffet station. Diners can get anything and as much as they want. They can then bring their plates on their table and start cooking using the hot pot/plate. 
This is Tong Yang's hot pot/plate. (Photo taken after we cooked so it looks greasy.)
Ask for butter from the servers and start frying/cooking your food. You can also add meat, noodles and vegetables on the pot with soup to make it more tasty (or simply cook your food via boiling).

I read in a table standee they have in their Quezon Avenue branch before that they recommend cooking the meat cuts for about 2minutes (or more if you want it crispy or toasted) to keep them from drying out as they already cut the goodies in thin portions.
I suggest you refrain from eating too much rice to maximize the buffet experience. But I  know that 'we're Pinoy this way' so fine - you may head to the 'cooked food' area for fried rice and dumplings. If you come on a dinner buffet, you may be lucky to chance upon steamed crabs and lobsters.
I believe plain steamed rice comes in bowls and they charge extra for that.

They also have this meat slicing section for really freshly cut meat. I love the beef and pork belly cut, reminds me of bacon and sukiyaki-cut beef from the grocery. I go back to this area a lot of times. =)
Once you're full and all-stuffed but still have space for desserts, head to the dessert station. Ice cream is always available and there are ingredients to make yourself your own Halo-halo or mais con hielo.
They store their bowls and plates on the lower rack of the table for easy access. Be careful though and choose your plates well as some are dusty and dirty since it is an open shelf.
Refillable drinks are included in the buffet. You may choose from a variety of Coca-Cola products. iced tea, fruit juices and even draft beer (SMB)! Some people stay in for a while because of the beer-unli pulutan factor so to friends who are looking for an alternative place to enjoy, this might be the place to go.
The last Tong Yang venue we went to was in SM Fairview (632) 332-5236, 351-838.
Other branches are in:
Jupiter St., Makati (632) 899-3388, 897-4148,
 Quezon Avenue (632) 373-3860 to 61,
Adriatico, Malate (632) 536-8392, 536-8393,
SM Megamall Atrium (632) 631-3637, 470-3638.
We usually call ahead of time for seat reservations as the restaurant is crowded during peak hours.


gerLi said…
We will try it here. Thank you for the review.
gerLi said…
We will try it here. Thank you for the review.


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