Visiting UP Los Banos

Every once in a while, we go to Laguna to see M's folks. To be honest, those trips no matter how rarely or frequent in a month, are very much enjoyable and relaxing for me. It is like a family excursion without too much stress and hassle from the travel factors especially now that SLEX-ACTEX has improved a lot (err... except for the frequent toll fee increases). It takes us approximately two hours to get there, sometimes earlier if there's no traffic. 

One of the best parts of the trip is dropping by 'the college' (as locals call the place) or University of the Philippines in Los Banos. Like in Diliman, the campus is adorned by beautiful natural tree arbors. I love passing by the acacia trees in Diliman while going to and fro another building back in college. Somehow, visits in UPLB bring back those happy feelings to me.

The Kapok tree below is a heritage tree. They placed a sign  (pictured below) in front of the tree. I asked M to park the car because I wanted to take a picture of the signage. The tree is really majestic. I feel our visits in UPLB are never complete without saying hi to this tree. (haha weird me! ^v^)

Each time we pass by the Animal Husbandry (Institute of Animal Science) area M, W and I never fail to look at each other with puzzled faces. We've been wondering for so long what the students/researchers have been doing with those cows roaming around the area with huge screws on their sides. (see picture below). Anyway, I hope it's for the betterment of our dear cows and the people from the IAS don't get in trouble with animal rights activists for this. 

I am not sure to what place (the picture below) was leading to but looking at the scenery takes me somewhere calm and 'very away' from the city's busy and crazy life.

One of our usual stops when going around the campus is the UPLB DTRI's Dairy bar. They have this really good fresh milk. M and W love their chocolate milk and we buy a big bottle to take home in Manila. We also buy smaller bottles, one for each of us that we drink right away after buying. It's really refreshing! I am confident with the milk's quality and freshness. They also sell cream cheese, kesong puti (white cheese) and yogurt.

Coming from the IRRI side of the campus, our last stop usually is the area near the Carillon tower, the infamous Fertility tree and the academic oval a.k.a. Freedom Park. 

Rumored to be a love nest at night, the 'Fertility Tree' which actually is an acacia, gives shade to the students studying in the field, or joggers and people who simply just want to rest. 

I love the 'feel' of UPLB. I really savor the moments I have here (which is rather frequent compared to say, a travel to Bohol or Ilocos) because once the car exits and heads to SLEX, my mind races back to all the crazy things I have to deal with once I am back in my life in Manila.

:: :: ::

Haha, W was made in Manila, not under the Fertility tree! But I wanted to have a picture of me with him under this tree to remind me that once, I was 'very' fertile I got a son out of it. Haha! That makes for another blog post. =)




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