W's Prayer to St. Clare

As a child, my mom (a very prayerful person) taught us about asking help from saints' in times of need. She told me (us) that when you call them and pray their novena, they'll be your bridge to God. Our mom gave us prayer cards with novenas to St. Jude, St. Expeditus, St. Clare and a lot more. 

When we took our entrance exams and board exams, she told us to go offer eggs to the monastery of St. Clare. She also reminded us to buy our #2 Mongol pencils ahead of time and have them blessed there. --- All of these we obediently followed.

I may not be as prayerful as my mom, but the things I mentioned above were definitely imprinted on my mind. After all, we (me & my siblings) all passed our exams after doing those. =) My sister even offered eggs last year for good weather when we organized our biennial family reunion (which was a success by the way).

And so now that I am a mommy too, I can't help myself but pass the same custom to my son.

When W's about to take an entrance exam for grade school last month, we took him to the Monastery of St. Clare along Katipunan Avenue/Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City. M and I decided the last minute to offer eggs so we just bought a dozen from the vendors outside the monastery gate.

I took pencils and papers from the guard's desk and led them to the table where a lot of other people were writing their petitions. It was W's first time there. He asked me, "Mommy, anong dapat kong isulat?" to which I answered, "Whatever you feel like praying for - example, you want to pass the exam so you write a prayer for that." After our exchange, I started writing down on my paper and let W and his dad do theirs.

a stolen shot
I was covering my paper with my hand. When I looked to my left, I saw W covering his paper with his hand too. Cute! =)

It was unintentional that I saw what he wrote and I froze for a while. Nope, he did not ask for him to pass his exam like I subtlety told him to. He asked for a baby brother and a baby sister. That's all. 

I was close to tears. It was only when M touched my arm that I realized he saw what W wrote too and that he saw my reaction after seeing it. 

Anyway, I am a firm believer of miracles. While science say it is already impossible - I'd like to think there's still hope. The chemotherapy and the many other treatments and operations may have damaged my body but never my spirit. =) 

Taking cue from my son, I wrote "I pray for us to have a healthy baby." at the bottom of my paper. St. Clare might intercede and God will answer - nothing is impossible with God right?

photo from catholic.org
If you wish to visit the church Monasterio de Santa Clara, it is located at Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City. For a copy of the novena to St. Clare, you may check it out [HERE].



Anonymous said…
What time did you go to the Church to write your prayers and offer the eggs? What time do they receive eggs and things to bless? :) Thanks!
Maan said…
Hi 'Anonymous',
We usually visit on Sunday afternoons before the afternoon mass. I believe they are open daily, and you can give your offerings as well as prayer intentions to the counter anytime. But to be safe, try going on weekends.
Next time we visit, I'll ask someone from the church for details and post it here.
Anonymous said…
Nakakarelate po ako sa mother ninyo at sa inyo po. I always ask for intercession of saints and pray their novenas like St. Therese, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Jude, St. Anthony and kay Mama Mary. Kahit I am from the field of science, I have a strong faith in miracles, and tama po kayo na nothing is impossible with/to God. I am very grateful to our LOrd and the saints everyday for all the blessings.
Anonymous said…
Gsto ko sna mgpabless ng merin b nkakaalm kng ano oras pwd.


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