Zubuchon - Lechon Cebu

My brother and his family went to Cebu and came back with a pack of lechon for us.
Well, not just lechon cebu but Zubuchon.

Zubuchon is a brainchild of popular blogger Market Man (of Market Manila).
When known American chef and foodie Anthony Bourdain visited the Philippines about 2 years ago (for his No Reservations show), Market Man was his tour guide (other than Augosto Elefano - the fan who convinced AB to visit the country) and MM let Anthony taste a variety of Pinoy dishes including the acclaimed lechon Cebu.

If I got it right, it was the Accuchon ala MarketMan (aka Zubuchon after making it "commercial") that got Anthony Bourdain's attention most, to the point of even saying, "...the best pig ever!..."

Great right? Philippines now tops Bourdain's hierarchy of pork.

A kilo of the Zubuchon sells for about Php450 and comes in a styro-pack covered with cling-wrap.
It's great to have it fresh almost fresh, especially since my brother got it in the airport, so spoiling wasn't too much a risk if handled properly.

Unlike the usual lechon with smooth, shiny, golden brown pig skin, the Zubuchon skin looks crackled and crispy - a little like chicharon skin or lechon macau.
The essence of herbs and spices are evident in each cut of the tender meat.
I liked it as it was very tasty, but M commented the taste was bordering towards sweet-sour.

This flyer comes with the kilo pack. It has tips to enjoying the Zubuchon  more.
It's great to have tasted lechon with a different twist and I would love to try eating it fresh and hot once I visit Cebu again. 

Zubuchon is found at the pre-departure lounge of the Cebu Domestic Airport Terminal and at the Banilad Tower. You may reach them through the following numbers: 



Anonymous said…
Zubuchon selling FROZEN lechon not the real lechon...the most expensive frozen lechon even compares to manila....

I pity manileno from the airport paying P480 for a frozen lechon . CNT lechon which serve good lechon not frozen is 380, they always have long lines specially on sunday.

Zubuchon ..? no comment.
maan said…
Hi @Anonymous. I would have preferred to call you by your real name.
Anyway, I agree Zubuchon is kinda pricey especially compared to the ones we have here in Manila, like in La Loma. Given the good review by Mr. Bourdain, I believe it is a must-try even once.
I would definitely try out CNT Lechon when I visit Cebu myself. Where is it located?

Anonymous said…
Watch the video closely....Bourdain eat the skin of the lechon and said " taste like candy ".

Is it the same skin as Zubuchon? look closely....it's not.

Its our regular roasted no frills lechon, we all loved.
Maan said…
Different, yes it is.
No doubt everyone (including me) love the original, shiny and crispy-skinned lechon. =D
Zubuchon is opening branches. They have a new one in Mango and Escario.

titus said…
highly recommended na puntahan ng mga turists sa cebu ang Zubuchon.. sarap.
Anonymous said…
CnT lechon?...too salty


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