Banapple Banoffee Pie

I'll let you in a secret - I've never eaten in Banapple yet! Yup! Not inside their cutesy restaurant. It's probably because it is always full when we come by and I'm not really a fan of eating in crowded places, much more of waiting too long before I can eat.

Anyway, inspite of that 'secret' I am still a fan of their pies and cakes (but take-aways). Their pasta dishes are also good I've heard, and that's next on my to-do list. 

this is it!

When I celebrated my birthday, I requested M to buy me a whole Banoffee pie. It cost him P650 (Php85/slice) and patience while looking for a place to park. Teehee. =D Seriously though, it costs way cheaper compared to Starbucks' Banoffee Pie version (Php120/slice) but just as good.

Cute! Location maps are printed on the inside of the top cover of the box.

The Banapple's Banoffee Pie has a generous amount of banana slices, caramel/toffee sauce, icing and chocolate shavings over the crust. It is very sinful and indulgent - no wonder I couldn't resist.

If you are a fan of sweet desserts then try this! (If not then probably you won't enjoy this as much as I do). 

I had a hard time making a 'perfect slice' just as they do in restaurants.
Word of caution: Consume the pie no longer than 3 days because the bananas turn mushy and black quickly creating a watery toffee sauce, then a crumbly crust. I had to take the bananas off just to salvage the rest of the pie (which was still a quarter of it). Sayang.

I am now inspired to bake my own Banoffee pie. I can't afford spending so much just to satisfy my cravings. =D
chocolate shavings overload
Drop by Banapple to have a taste of their Banoffie Pie in the following locations:
225 Katipunan Avenue, QC
206 Katipunan Avenue, QC (on the other side of Katips)
2nd Level Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato corner Sct. Madrinan, QC
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Avenue, Makati
Northeast Square, Conneticut St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan

Visit their website too! [LINK]
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- l l e V o j - said…
hi maan,

thank you for viewing my blogs..I really appreciate it:-)

I haven't heard of banapple..hmm, haven't been in manila for awhile..but all their goodies look yummy, nice pics!

I hope they put up a store here in our city, baguio but I'll sure ask my relatives in Manila to bring some here when they visit us:-)

Take care!!!TBE Rock!
maan said…
Hi! Thanks for dropping by.
I know friends from up North taking home Banapple's cakes and pies from Manila for their family to try out. Hope you can too. =)
[pinkc00kies] said…
omg!! super fave ko banoffee pie nila. the honey crunch cake, apple crumble pie and reese's pie are my other faves!! =) their pasta verde & cheese and mushroom pie are also good.. plus their meals are really worth it for the affordable price.
Maan said…
Hi @PinkC00kies!
I love their Reese's Pie too!
Will have to try their pasta dishes soon. =D
Thanks for dropping by!


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