Big Bob's Char-Grilled Burgers [Mercato Centrale]

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We treated my nephews to Mercato Centrale one weekend. After looking around, they settled for Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers for their big breakfast. 

They chose the burgers showcased on the front of the booth, D for the Big Bob's burger and K for the more 'adult' Wine and Cheese Steak sandwich. Ahh, funny how we really know a lot about the kids especially seeing them grow up and somehow we are able to predict their tastes and well, food choices.

The older K is more food adventurous and with the big appetite he has, no doubt it would be the Wine and Cheese Steak sandwich for him. D is more of the purist so to speak and true enough, he got the classic recipe, the Big Bob's burger

grilled and smoky =)
Being the curious aunt that I am, I asked what they thought of the burger/sandwich they got. D said the patty was juicy and tastes really char-grilled. K shared his cheese steak was A-ok, with the cheeses oozing with every bite. 

Did they enjoy eating the Big Bob's treats? Yes.
Were they full? Yes.
Are they happy with what they got? Yes.

big bob's burger
1/3 pound pure beef pattie, charcoal grilled and oozing with mozzarella and  cheddar cheeses, and fresh veggies
wine and cheese steak sandwich
angus beef marinated in red wine topped with cream cheese
I'm so happy they enjoyed our treat! Thanks Big Bob's for making the Mercato Centrale experience very enjoyable for my nephews. =)
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Anonymous said…
Thank you very much Ma'am! We are very glad that your nephews enjoyed their sandwiches. Knowing that makes everything worthwhile for us.

E.J. Cuenco
Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers
Maan said…
Hi Mr. Cuenco! I'm sure my nephews would be delighted once I mention that you viewed by blog - and my write-up about their burgers.
Your burgers are truly yummy. More power!
Thanks for dropping by!


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