Home Repairs Before the Rainy Days

In my recent post, I told you about the repairs we had at home and how I went about cleaning the dust, dirt and extra stuff we still have not managed to sort since we moved late last year. It was great timing also that we were able to have leaks and cracks sealed by the workers while they were here.

We moved last November and inspite of the occasional rains we've been getting, we still haven't noticed leaks and cracks from the roof and firewall until recently (with Chedeng). I am so paranoid that I wanted our house sealed, safe and sound to protect us from any future natural calamities. Any water coming in small holes (even in the AC slot freaks me out, so there. *blushes*

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I think that the best solution is preventive maintenance. Instead of waiting for your roof to be blown away by gusty wind, have your latero (tinsmith) fix it. If you think your doors and windows need repairs, call your carpenter to help you out. There's going to be a long list for all you know...

Here's a part of a checklist I made for myself to guide me which parts of the house I should check always. Hope you find it useful as well. =D

  • Check the Roof - It is best to check this out when there's rain. Seriously. It is easier to spot leaks when there's rain because there'll be droplets to mark it. Take advantage of that and mark the locations using those sticky gum sealers sold in hardwares. (Even markers and masking tapes will do.) Have the holes/cracks repaired as quickly as possible.
  • Check the Rain Gutters - Do you know what a rain gutter is? Or where is it located? Haha! It is the narrow channel on the edge of the roof (it's the one that outlines your roof and your wall) that collects the rainwater flowing down from it. The water will then go to the downspout, then the drain. It is important to check the rain gutters to make sure that they are not clogged by dirt, especially leaves so that rainwater will flow freely. Usually, we put a 'leaf screen' to prevent clogging and to make cleaning easier. 
  • Check the Doors and Windows - Watch out for cracks and hollowed spaces in your doors and windows especially in the sills and jambs. Sometimes, the rain may not be able to get through it, but insects crawling out from the disturbed soil during floods can. Apply sealants as appropriate.
  • Check the Yard or your Garden - Look out for empty containers or areas that could become filled by stagnant water. Dengue is a killer and we would not want anybody in our family be bitten by the disease-carrying mosquito. Make sure you are not the one breeding them.
  • Check your Floors - Whether tiled, stone or wooden, any flooring material could still harbor bacteria and lead to mold formation once left wet, soaked and damp. Molds are definitely not good for our health much more are the cracks and puddles of water that can lead to slips. Prepare your mops and rags, they'll always come in handy.
  • Check your Plants and Trees - Trim your trees and plants just so when there's a storm, the chances of a big branch falling off is zero. You'll also have less leaves to sweep after a strong wind blows, or broken pots.
  • Check AirCondition Units Openings - If your ACUs are not well fitted in their slots, then most likely, water or insects can come in through it also. Use the foamed tapes that come with your ACUs or buy them from Ace Hardware or Handyman and seal those edges now.
  • Check the Electrical Outlets you have Outdoors - Electrical outlets, Outdoor lamps and other electrical lines that you have outdoors should be checked. Use weatherproof covers to protect them from water splashes which could lead to accidental electrocution.
If you work on those little holes and cracks now, it might save you money and trouble in the long run. Don't wait until there's nothing else you can do to rescue your belongings and your house. 
I for one learned them early and good thing I have a background on design and construction so I know what the basic remedies are. 
Repair before it's too late!
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