Jam Foods Angus Beef Tapa [Mercato Centrale]

If you haven't tried the Angus Beef Tapa from Jam Foods, then I must say you are missing a lot.

M and I agree (even our son W) that Jam Foods beef tapa is one of the best (if not the best) tapa versions we've tasted so far. Seriously.

Their tapa is made from USDA certified beef which is why we find it very tender other that it is cut very thinly (sukiyaki cut if I am correct). Each bite is a delight, with the perfect mix of sweet-salty taste

If you're one of my loyal readers, you would remember about my Beef Tapa post with which I shared my tapa recipe. The taste of Jam's is better but I wish the meat cuts are thicker so one could taste the meat's juiciness in every bite. I'm still trying to compare the taste with Pancake House's or Tapa King's tapa...even Rodic's.

I like my tapa almost chewy but tender. Jam's has a tendency to turn crispy and crunchy. (Yep bacon!) If you are conscious in the amount of fat in the food you eat then maybe, just maybe this is not really for you. (bacon talaga!) but me? I'm not complaining. Teehee.

my to-go box
An order of beef tapa with rice and egg (Tapsilog) costs Php120. We truly enjoyed the taste so I asked M to drive me to MC again so I can buy a kilo of uncooked beef tapa for Php550. They also offer kilo packs of Korean Beef BBQ, Beef Teriyaki and Hot&Spicy Tapa.

err see the fat?
If you're looking for some delish beef tapa then try Jam Food's version. My family loves it and I'm sure you would too! =)
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Try Jam Foods & Co. Angus Beef Tapa!
You may visit them at Mercato Centrale on weekends.
Check our their facebook page [LINK] =)
or contact Ms. Koyen Cipriano through: koyen.cipriano@gmail.com/0917.814.6124/ (632) 633.0152.
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