Low Blood Pressure: Medical Log [June2]

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I had my medical check-up last Friday, May 27. I've been feeling light-headed every night for two weeks prior to my check-up (which makes it three weeks now) and found out only on the latter week that I've been moving about with only 80/40 blood pressure just before I retire to bed.

I was taking a shower two Sunday nights ago when I suddenly felt like I was about to collapse. I called on M to help me get to our bed and he rushed downstairs to get my blood pressure monitor. My reading recorded 84/44 (it's digital, so I'm rounding off to the nearest 10s) hence, 80/40. We repeated the reading after 5minutes and it was still the same. (We checked every 30minutes until I felt too weak, and fell asleep.)

We're equipped in dealing with high blood pressure since my chemotherapy days but not on low BP. All I know is that I should lie down with my legs elevated to help pump back the blood to my head/brain. M made me drink lots of water as we knew that dehydration is one possible factor why people get low blood pressure. I told M that if it gets lower or I'll look paler, he better bring to the nearest ER.

I was extra cautious on the succeeding days as M commented that I was still looking pale and weak. I went on with my usual household routine and monitored my blood pressure throughout the day. I am not taking any medications and definitely not dehydrated (as I made a conscious effort to keep myself hydrated - just to eliminate the dehydrated factor in identifying the cause of my hypotension.)

My morning BP (just upon waking up, and still on the bed) records 110/70 (my high normal). My usual BP for the record is about 100/60 or 90/60 even after some running. Throughout the day my BP fluctuates from 90/50, 80/40 back to 110/70. This is truly weird.

Another thing that bothers me is that I feel tired easily. I remember the days when I had really low hemoglobin, and that is how I feel right now. I am having shortness of breath especially when going up and down the stairs. Good thing, that my recent blood test show that I my hgb is still within the normal range, and as my doctor would put it, "Perfectly fine."

Since she (my doctor) thinks that everything's fine with my blood, she asked me to undergo a 2D Echocardiogram with Doppler to check my heart. I scheduled the test in St. Luke's Medical Center in E.Rodriguez and I had to break the bank to pay Php6600+ for it. I got the results the day after and based on the reading, my heart is okay except for some mild regurgitation.

I cannot fully interpret the results or even second-guess what's happening so I'm seeing my cardiologist perhaps next week. I also had my lipid profile test done just so I have my complete lab results taken into account for whatever diagnosis he may have.
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As of this writing, my bp reads 90/50. Crazy. I am sitting on our bed typing away in my laptop. The last meal I took was over an hour ago. I am slightly dizzy but still manageable. I am definitely not pregnant. M tells me to go to sleep now. Teehee. Bye and Goodnight!




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