Max's Restaurant Chicken-All-You-Can

I am seriously considering taking my nephew K to Max's to experience this.

photo from the Max's website

Starting on June 10 (tomorrow), Max's Chicken fans can enjoy eating
all the chicken you can eat (plus a glass of Pepsi) for only Php199 .
The promo is available on all Max's branches nationwide until July 10, 2011.

Last year, I asked friends who ate the most number of chicken and how many ---
If I remember right, one friend ate '8' chickens! Holy guacamole!

Thank God for chickens!

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4 comment(s):

Vernz said...

Hello Maan thanks for the Drop at consumer Mom talks.. love your blog title.....Yayks this is yummy but I seldom come to this resto.. it's so expensive... hhahaha :)

Joie said...

I love chicken. All though I am trying to cut down my chicken meat for health reasons.
@Maan thanks for checking my blog. Have a good day.

maan said...

Hi @Vernz!

Thanks for dropping by too!

maan said...

Hi @Joie, hope your health gets better.

Thanks for dropping by!