My 2011 Emerging Influential Blogs Picks

I follow a lot of blogs for a variety of reasons. Mostly because the authors post entries that interest me, affect me or simply entertain me. The blogosphere is my respite from all the craziness in my life. I like reading blogs that I can relate to - blogs that can influence me and help me improve as a person.

After reading about Ms. Janette Toral's blog post about the start of nominations of this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, I started blog-hopping and checked out which blogs on my feed reader are gaining influence over the blogosphere. You may also want to make your post and vote for your own bets - just read this post for details.

Here's my partial list (in no particular order):

  • Fashion Pulis [LINK] - This blog now tops the's ranking for the fashion-beauty category. Funny but it mostly features "chismis" and "blind-items". Influential because it's gaining a following of readers who love blind items. teehee. =D
  • Blog-Ph [LINK] - A blog by JayL Aquino about up and coming events in the Philippines. =)
  • VeggieCircle [LINK] - Though quite impossible at the moment, I am seriously considering turning into a vegetarian. VeggieCircle might be the one to 'influence' me. =)
  • The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink [LINK] - Love your own much? =D I'm unabashed to include my blog in this list because I think this blog represents (and inspires) a lot of people from all walks of life - moms, parents, passionate foodies, people learning to cook, cancer patients, cancer survivors and more. =)
  • Sleek in the City [LINK] - I saw this blog as one of those topping the list of nominees already. I thought, yeah this blog's worthy of being nominated. =)
Will update this list for more deserving blogs for this year's Emerging Influential blogs! =)



cebumd said…
Saw your most influential list. We have some blogs in common on the list. Maybe you would like to consider my blogs: and
Maan said…
Hi Doc!
Considering your PKD blog. I am all for medical awareness as I am also sharing my medical condition and progress here in my blog.
Hope you can consider this blog too on your list =)
Hi Maan,

I'm Jhong Medina from RizalPark.Org, I've read your entry about the EIB 2011 and you still have 5 more entries to qualify for the raffle. I was hoping if you could add us to your list to support our advocacy to promote our national heritages and remove the stigma created by the Quirino Grandstand incident. Our advocacy is to promote tourism in our country, Rizal legacy and Rizal Park to our kids, so that they can learn more about our national heritage.

More power!

I'm Stacy Lyn liong from Crumpylicious Blog. I hope you consider our blog its a personal blog and a documentation of our lives.
JayL Aquino said…
thank you for including in your list! :D i really appreciate it :D
maan said…
Hi @Jhong and @Stacy, will visit your blogs. =)
@Jay-L, you deserve that slot! =)

Thanks all for visiting my blog!
=> I'm not expecting to much for my blog because there are really a lot of great blogs here but hope you could check out this blog too:
gracesongbird said…
Hi there! Please drop by my blog if you have time ^_^ This blog has been running for almost 9 months now, has won 4 blog contests so far Been planning to make a food blog in the future:
Hi, Maan.

I hope you'd consider voting for our food blog,

It's a food blog I share with my brother Ken. We started the food blog last year with the purpose of encouraging people to go back to their kitchen and cook. Eventually, we started sharing our own foodie adventures, too, in the hopes of influencing our readers and friends to try something new.

If you would like to read more as to why we believe we deserve a spot this year in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, you can check out my post here:
Hi. This is to mark your entry as complete. Thank you for joining the writing project.


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