Pork Binagoongan (Pork in Shrimp Paste)

This is one dish I love but rarely cook. M is allergic to shrimps and well, bagoong a.k.a. shrimp paste is...go figure. =)

While in the US, my lolo would always ask me to cook this. Since his passing, I cook this dish in remembrance of him. I can clearly recall how the smell of bagoong would fill our apartment in Long Beach and how, in a mix of distaste and craving the neighbors would ask what I was cooking. =)

Pork Binagoongan (Pork with Shrimp Paste)

500g pork (kasim or liempo, cut into cubes)
1cup bagoong alamang (shrimp paste)
6cloves garlic, minced
1 medium onion, minced
3pcs tomatoes, diced
2pcs ladyfinger peppers (siling pansigang, cut into rings)
1/2cup vinegar (sukang puti)
4T sugar
1/2cup water (you may adjust accdg. to your preference)

How to do it:
In a pot, put water enough to cover the pork.
Boil (then simmer) until the pork is tender.
Add water as needed.
Once the pork is tender and the water has evaporated, fry the pork on its own oil.
When slightly browned, move to one side of the pan then saute the garlic, onion and tomatoes.
Add the peppers then pour the vinegar and water.
Simmer for about 5 minutes then add the sugar and mix well.
Simmer for another 10 minutes then it's good to go. =)
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i love binagoongan!

i miss it. following from TBE

maan said…
Hi @Mom Daughter Style!

Thanks for dropping by! =)
Anonymous said…
Hello...I came across your blog because the title sounded very interesting! Yum! I will have to try this recipe...thank you for sharing! check out my blog if you are interested....I'm new to this so it is a work in progress :)

Maan said…
Thanks @Closet Fat Chick!
Visited your blog too! Welcome to the blogosphere! Will surely check out your blog for places to eat whenever I visit the East Coast.
Best of luck on your blog!
when to put the shrimp paste?


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