Ways to Sleep Early and Beat Insomnia

I am a self-confessed summer insomniac.
Weird aye?
It is not really the heat or anxiety (like M thinks it is).
I think I developed this after the series of medical treatments I went through.

There's no confirmed cause but my doc says it may be because of a lot of different factors.
Though I've been prescribed to take sleep inducing pills when it gets worse,
I refrain as I don't want to be dependent.

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M is a sound-sleeper and being the 'praning' that I am, 
I insist that there must be one between us who's a light-sleeper, 
and I guess that's going to be ME.
Anyway, aside from counting sheep and drinking milk before hitting the sack I think the following are my best means to make myself fall asleep (without pills)...

Here are my Top Picks for Ways to Fall Asleep Fast and Beat Insomnia

1. De-Stress. Think of what soothes and relieves you. 
     >If taking a shower or meditation before heading to bed relaxes you then go do it. 
     >I usually read a book (an entire book at that - each night) to make me relax. Though it still stimulates my mind, reading puts my thoughts into something else which lets me forego stress just before retiring.
     >Though we all know that caffeine is a no-no if you want to sleep, I know someone who drinks coffee in bed and has got no problem at all in sleeping. So find what suits you and do it.
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2. Sleeping Position. Know yours and position yourself to it once on bed.
    >Your sleeping position is how you lay on bed just before falling asleep. You may keep on tossing and turning but once you turn to 'your' position, sleep comes to you.
     >I usually sleep fetal-style position and get to sleep pretty faster when I lay that way once I go to bed.
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3. Body Clock. Set your body clock and follow it.
     >Though this is close to impossible - raise your hand if you agree - you can still set a schedule fit to your lifestyle. Night-shifters must be rolling their eyes right now, but seriously, it is a way to help your body set its internal rhythm.
     >Keep your sleeping and waking hours consistent for a few consecutive days and you might be surprised that your body is already attuned to it in no time.
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These (3) Picks work for me during my easier-to-deal-with insomnia days. 
If all else fails, go see a doctor. =)
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