World Blood Donor Day

Blood saves lives.
And I am a living testimony to that.
Having been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia last 2005, I have received numerous blood transfusions - blood from family, friends and even people I do not know.
Clean and safe donated blood from responsible donors goes a long way - for a child with dengue, a girl with anemia, a woman who lost a lot of blood while giving birth and a lot of cancer patients.

I couldn't let this special occasion (one that's very close to my heart) pass without saying THANK YOU to people who voluntarily give blood without expecting any reward 
(other than lollipops, juice and sometimes sandwiches :-) ) 
or recognition in return.
Hats off to all of you! 

If you want to donate, visit:
or any hospital blood donation center near you.




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