ARUGA: An Art Exhibit for the PSHS Indigent Students

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The Philippine Science High School Foundation Inc. in cooperation with Power Plant Mall, through its commitment of nurturing excellence for students is embarking on an exhibit to fund opportunities for scholars and faculty. Aruga is a significant art exhibit happening on 21st until the 30th of this month at the North Court of Power Plant Mall at Rockwell Center. The event encompasses works from our well-loved National Artist Napoleon Abueva and two noted artists Azor Pazcoguin and Joven Ignacio.

For this exhibit, sculptures of Abueva’s will focus on his pastoral subjects from the sixties to seventies. Abueva was a highly productive and prolific artist during his youth and gained widespread critical acclaim at the young age of 46 when he was honored as National Artist. Abueva has the distinction as the "Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture". He is the only Boholano given accolade as National Artist of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts and was the youngest recipient of the title to date. Many of his works are now considered collector’s item essential in our country’s art history. He also remains a major influence to many young artists. Being proficient in both academic figurative style and contemporary abstract, he has made the most of almost all kinds of materials from wood to stone, steel, bronze, brass, iron, ceramic, and concrete. Abueva has helped shape the local sculpture scene in the Philippines. Abueva’s series from the 60’s to 70’s gives admirers a rare opportunity to view some of the artist’s early works, including his most important pieces carefully set aside for his family.

Painter Azor Pazcoguin has joined over 20 exhibits, including one in New York. Azor’s artistic inclination was developed and nurtured by his exposure to the Mabini painters in his father’s art gallery in Ermita. Constantly exploring various media, the mixture of colors, as well as color tones, he evolved from painting simple subjects such as fruits to painting landscapes with pastoral scenes. He has now moved on to painting human figures. For this exhibit, we revisit some of his famous fruit paintings that exude brilliant colors and dramatic lighting. The human figures he prefers to paint are those that depict people doing seemingly mundane things such as farmers or a group of vendors selling vegetables, contemporary subjects that likewise belong to rural scenes. For this exhibit, Pazcoguin’s paintings are stronger than ever as maturity in mastering his medium shows on a very refined level.

Joven Ignacio’s new series, aptly called “Abaniko”, focuses on the weave patterns of hand-held fans that originate from the Philippines. His new series of paintings are more geometric, steady and rhythmic; a style quite contrary to the flowing movement in his flora and fauna series for which he is famous for. His unique talent of painting without subjects opens many possibilities for his creativity. His “Abanikos” highlight various weaves that represent ethnic groups and traditions from different parts of the country. The artworks have restraint but nonetheless exhibiting the same fluidity of his medium from previous series. Layering several transparent fans on top of each other using watercolor gives age-old items, a modern look. His new work is a study in proportion, symmetry, construction, but nonetheless showing softness, dramatic lighting, and texture. The new collection of paintings is a step reflecting all his disciplines. Artist, conservationist, and architect, “Abaniko” is the next chapter in the journey for this much admired artist.

Philippine Science High School’s Godparent Program supports the neediest among the scholars whose families cannot support their day-to-day needs for food, transportation, and school requirements. “ARUGA” is a tradition of caring and nurturing within PSHS. For more information, please call: PSHS Foundation Inc. c/o Linda Cordova, Executive Director or Liza Claveria, Administrative Associate Tel. 632-9240655; Mobile. 0922-8558420, Email: or
c/o Tess Carpio-Bacungan, Board Secretary, Mobile. 0917-8800568, Email:

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