Salami and Egg Breakfast Basket

Oh no, this recipe is definitely NOT complicated at all. Haha.
This is probably one of the cutest food prep I made (though I could have done much better).
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Salami and Egg Breakfast Basket

pieces of Salami
***1:1 ratio of egg and salami
salt and white ground pepper
non-stick spray 

How to do it:
Cook the salami on a pan, with the sides browned. Set aside.
Pre-heat the oven (can do with microwave also) to 350degF.
Prepare the muffin tray by spraying some Crisco (non-stick spray brand I use - but any will do).
Put the salami on the muffin slots. It is normal to have the edges crinkled a bit.
Place an egg on each salami then bake/broil for about 5-10minutes or until your desired egg done-ness is achieved. 
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