Home from 2nd Cycle of Chemotherapy

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I would like to sincerely thank everybody who expressed their sympathy, sent inspiring messages through text, friendster and email…To all who have donated blood and those who have at least tried to…To everybody who visited me at the hospital…To all who have comforted and supported my family…and To everybody who have included me in their prayers...You’ve all made the load lighter and helped me be strong…

I am done with my Re-induction chemotherapy just last Monday, my second cycle treatment after only being in partial remission with the first. We are hoping that my system would respond to this one now, and start clearing up the leukemia cells in my body. The doctor allowed me to go home for a while, to rest and be with my baby. I’ll be back in the hospital though, for further treatment and bone marrow transplantation. I hope all will be well in the end…

Maraming maraming salamat and may God bless you all and your families…
You just dunno how much it means to me...

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