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Home from Stem Cell Transplant

*Impoorted from my Old Blog*
I am finally home from St. Luke's Medical Center last Thursday after my Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation - my second to the last hope in my battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (a miracle being the last hope). The procedure was done last March 3 - which we fondly called Day 0. My first day as a new person, given a new lease at life.
I've been in the hospital for almost a month. I was given a high-dose chemotherapy regimen to prepare me for the transplant. I owe my life to my stem cell donor, my eldest brother Fidel. Thank you for sharing your blood with me - I can now literally and figuratively say that the same blood are flowing through our veins.
Thank you - To my parents, whose emotional and financial support seems to be inexhaustible. To my brothers and sisters who took turns in watching over my every needs. To my lola, for being a source of strength. To Mike, whose unconditional love gave me the courage to lift up my head and say that I a…

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant Schedule

*Imported from my Old blog*

hay, ayan at long last...after months (o sige, make that 5 months) of delay, finally!!!
Transplant is on the way...

Here's my sked, para di kayo magtaka kung nasan na naman ako...hihihi ;)
February 19 - Admission to St. Luke's
21 - Hickman Cath implantation - surgery
23 - Consolidation Chemotherapy (1 week ata)
March 3 - Transplant day (pwede mas matagal, as in 2,3 or more days, depende sa ma- provide/harvest na stem cells ng/sa aking brother-donor)
After Transplant...Waitaing Game na...hayy

Please pray for me...Kaya ko 'to, kaya natin 'to...

I'll take this opp na rin to request sa mga mabubuting tao, na maraming dugo at pwedeng mag-donate...we need blood donors again, at mas crucial ang stage na ito kaya kailangan sana ng maraming dugo...I'm Type O+ right now, but once na-transplant na, my blood type will change to B+ kasi yun ang blood type ng kuya ko na donor...Basta, any blood type will do...Thanks in advance and God bless!

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