This IS one very very late post. I completely forgot I have a file saved somewhere. Shucks.
I have been meaning to make this post since the very first time I saw Derek Ramsey's Century Corned tuna TV commercial. I thought San Marino must be doing well in terms of market sales considering that they were first to introduce the 'corned tuna' concept in the Philippine market - and that Century had to keep up with it.

San Marino Corned Tuna TVC

Century Tuna TVC

So finally last Sunday morning about two weeks ago, I opened two cans of corned tuna - one San Marino and one Century - and put them to a taste test.

There's 7 of us having breakfast then. Without telling them which is which, I asked them which tastes better.
(L) Century and (R) San Marino

My nephew was first to say that he likes the taste of the less oily and sauteed-tasting one. (the one on the left, which is Century Tuna) I totally agree. I think it was only my mom who said that she preferred the more oily one - "Gusto ko kasi yung mamasa-masa sa rice, easier to chew for me" quoting her. When we're done eating, we voted 6-1 in favor of Century Tuna. (I am now wondering if our taste buds already developed some affinity with the Century brand, since we literally grew up with it or it just tastes better than the other brand.)

San Marino corned tuna also tasted good  but somehow gave a fishy aftertaste. Century Tuna on the other hand smelled fishy once I opened the can (but do not taste fishy/"malansa" - probably with the help of the onion and garlic bits). I also recalled that the San Marino TVC mentioned of having less oil compared to the other brand but apparently, it's not. (see pictures above)

Here's a comparison of their ingredients and nutrition information:

CENTURY CORNED TUNA                 
Tuna Flakes, Soy Protein Concentrate,         
Water, Soya Oil, Onion, Minced Garlic,        
Spices and Seasonings                                 

Tuna Flakes, Soy Protein Concentrate,
Soya Oil, Thickener, Sugar, Iodized Salt
and Seasonings

Nutrition Information:
Serving Size, 56g
Servings per container, about 3
(per 56g serving size)
                              CENTURY                         SAN MARINO
Energy                       60kcal                                60kcal
Fat                            3g                                      3g
Trans Fat                    0g                                      0g
Sodium                      250mg                                360mg
Carbohydrate             2g                                      2g
Protein                      6g                                      6g

The sodium content caught my attention. Hmm, I'd honestly prefer the one with less sodium content considering my health condition.

I guess you'd better try comparing both too so you'll know the difference. After all, taste varies from person to person. =)

Note: This is an unpaid advertisement. I just got the kick being a big fan of canned tunas. (LOL)


Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change


The recent onslaught of typhoons Ondoy (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma) became a wake-up call to the Filipinos especially those who were directly affected. The aftermath is clear evidence of the vast changes in our global environment. Although there are natural factors and processes that contribute to the world’s changing climate, we cannot dispel the fact that a lot of human activities have altered the atmosphere’s makeup particularly in terms of the greenhouse effect.

Global warming (and cooling) and climate change have a significant impact to the way we live life and to our environment. If we fail to act now, there will be further harm not only to our natural resources but also to our own being. Living in this world will be very different for our children and future generations if we ignore the very obvious signs that nature is already giving back to us the damage we have caused it.

It is never too late to make a difference. It is now more than ever that we need to take a revolution for the environment. We have been well educated with ways to care for the environment – even my son in preschool knows a thing or two. But what we need is ACTION.

A great platform from our May 2010 presidential aspirants should include means and policies that are geared towards environmental protection and sustainable development. Our government leaders should instigate the people to a positive social change that can save the future of the environment.

Sustainable design in the architecture and interior design field is not a new thing. There are even institutions that encourage and recognize the efforts of design professionals in finding sound design solutions to create a healthy and sustainable living environment.

As an interior designer, I strive to use sustainable materials, eco-friendly and energy efficient equipments and incorporate plants and trees in the projects I do. Perhaps other professions can also find ways where they can reduce the impact of their work to the ecology.

We never have to be someone with great power to do something. I am taking part of this Blog Action Day because I believe that if I want greater accountability from others then I would have to start being more accountable myself. To be able to make things better, we have to be good role models to engender response.

Postscript: To read Blog Action day posts by other Filipino bloggers, Bloggers Kapihan made a round-up of the contributions.


My brother undergoes stem cell apheresis

This is the blood bag of stem cells extracted from him ready to be transplanted to me.
I now have a deeper appreciation to the life-giving properties of blood.

I am living a renewed life for more than 3 years now because of the gift of blood by my eldest brother. If you'll ask me at what point in my life did I feel the most gratitude towards God, life, my family, friends and medical personnel, it would be on my Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant Day last March 3, 2006.

Surviving leukemia made me thankful to -
God for a new lease of life,
my parents who are my cheerleaders and financial supporters,
my eldest brother kuya Fidel, my stem cell donor,
my two other brothers and sister, who have patiently watched over me day in & day out,
my partner Mike, for his unwavering love and patience ,
my son Wei, the top reason why the battle is worth fighting for,
my doctors, for their expertise and genuine concern,
my friends for always reminding me that there's sunshine after the rain
the strangers who do not know me but nevertheless wished me well
and all the rest who have touched my life.

Thankfulness is something we can feel from even the simplest act of kindness. It is up to us to see and value it. How about you - what are you thankful for?

I am taking part of the National Thank You Day Celebration sponsored by my favorite chocolate brand Toblerone. Please support me in spreading the "Sweetness of Gratitude"!
Check out their site for more details: Toblerone & The National Thank You Day.

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Here's the link to my photo competition entry.

Pre-Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Exactly three days from now, bloggers from all over the world become one by posting about the same issue on the same day. This year's Blog Action Day will be about Climate Change. The event aims to raise awareness and spark action across all borders.

The series of unfortunate events that hit our country now is great evidence of the effect of climate change in our lives. By asking hundreds of different minds through their blogs to express their viewpoints, we take the topic to many different perspectives - thus creating a catalyst for sustainable solutions to our concerns.

Take part. Share and Spread and the word!

Skepticism, Kindness and more...

Photo from Flickerhappy

I was at the House of Representatives earlier to attend a healing session and mass officiated by Fr. Fernando Suarez. As part of the HOR Week celebration, the Congressional Spouses Foundation (CSFI) invited the healing priest over. The south lobby was lined with chairs and an altar was set-up. Some congressmen like Speaker Nograles, and their spouses were present as well as the house employees and their families.

The organizers asked the attendees to stick-on color-coded cards (where we're also asked to write on our ailments/concerns). Color coding was based on the gravity of the ailment. I was given a red card which was the color assigned to the gravely ill and cancer patients. Technically, I am neither a cancer patient nor gravely ill. I was - then. But friends and organizers (who were privy to my condition) insisted that I get the red card - and so I did.

Red card holders were supposed to sit in front, especially since most were wheelchair-bound. I was too shy to seat in front so I stayed with my sister and her friends at the back. We only approached the front row when the healing session was about to begin. The space in front was too packed and we have no more chair to sit on. But since I was instructed to come in front, I had no choice but to squeeze in.

Only then did I notice that I was standing beside Cong. Teddy Boy Locsin of Makati. He was sitting on a wheelchair beside his wife. Apparently, they took notice of my red card and they were concerned of me just standing. Cong. Locsin even offered his wheelchair to me - an act I found very gentlemanly despite his stature and 'whatever his condition was then'. His wife was too concerned that she gave her chair to me (the staff were quick to replace the chair anyway). I thanked them a couple of times for their very kind deed.

I was touched by Fr. Suarez a few times. Once while seated and more than three times while standing - before I finally fell like a log. I woke up a few minutes after, not knowing what actually happened. I just felt cold and light-headed, my body became stiff and then I fell down.

Am I healed? If the healing is physical, then I don't know yet. I am sure that there are many others in that lobby who has greater faith than me but did not fall down. The old lady sitting on the wheelchair was able to walk after Fr. Suarez touched and prayed for her yet she did not fall down.

Is my being skeptical taking the best of my faith? I don't think so. I may not feel that I am healed physically right there and then but I know, that I was moved by the faith of the people around me. That I was touched by the goodwill that the people showed towards me. I believe those were enough to heal my soul.

 OT: Jokes were going around - Fr. Suarez should have said mass inside the session hall, and healed the spirits of our distinguished congressmen. I honestly feel he should have...really.