My brother undergoes stem cell apheresis

This is the blood bag of stem cells extracted from him ready to be transplanted to me.
I now have a deeper appreciation to the life-giving properties of blood.

I am living a renewed life for more than 3 years now because of the gift of blood by my eldest brother. If you'll ask me at what point in my life did I feel the most gratitude towards God, life, my family, friends and medical personnel, it would be on my Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant Day last March 3, 2006.

Surviving leukemia made me thankful to -
God for a new lease of life,
my parents who are my cheerleaders and financial supporters,
my eldest brother kuya Fidel, my stem cell donor,
my two other brothers and sister, who have patiently watched over me day in & day out,
my partner Mike, for his unwavering love and patience ,
my son Wei, the top reason why the battle is worth fighting for,
my doctors, for their expertise and genuine concern,
my friends for always reminding me that there's sunshine after the rain
the strangers who do not know me but nevertheless wished me well
and all the rest who have touched my life.

Thankfulness is something we can feel from even the simplest act of kindness. It is up to us to see and value it. How about you - what are you thankful for?

I am taking part of the National Thank You Day Celebration sponsored by my favorite chocolate brand Toblerone. Please support me in spreading the "Sweetness of Gratitude"!
Check out their site for more details: Toblerone & The National Thank You Day.

10/20/09 Shameless plugging: I would like to ask you to vote for my entry if you think I deserve the prize. =)
Here's the link to my photo competition entry.


MC said…
Heartfelt entry.

Here's mine HERE:

maan said…
Thanks Marc!
You also did a great job on your entry. Cute ng mga legos. =)
maan said…
Thanks Marc!
You also did a great job on your entry. Cute ng mga legos. =)


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