Strawberry-Cream Pie

While I love just about anything sweet, I still enjoy 'tart n' sweet' more. So I'd usually go for the frozen yogurt instead of the usual chocolate ice cream or I'd mix my melted chocolate with sweet-sour fruits like mango and strawberries.

I've been craving for some pies the past few days but I can't get M go to Banapple to buy me banoffee pie. Luckily, my sister gave me a pack of strawberries as a pasalubong from Baguio, which I intended to make into a smoothie (for some quick fix). I later on decided to make a pie after seeing a pack of crushed graham cookies in my cupboard.

I am writing the recipe in sequence and just highlighted the ingredients in between. Saves some effort. haha.
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I took 1cup of crushed graham cookies and put it in a mixing bowl together with 1/2cup of white sugar and 1/4cup of melted butter to make the pie crust. Mixing everything well until I got it nice and moist, I then pressed it evenly on a 9" pie pan and placed in the freezer while I prepare the filling.

For the pie filling, I cut my washed and hulled 1cup strawberries into small cubes and set it aside while I boiled about 1/4cup water. While still boiling hot, I poured the water into a heat-proof bowl and mixed it with about 90g (or a pack) of strawberry flavored gelatin. I made sure I dissolved the gelatin completely by stirring it continuously and at the same time I was able to lower down the temperature of the mixture (from boiling hot to just lukewarm). I got 1-1/2cups of chilled all-purpose cream and mixed it in the gelatin mixture together with the cubed strawberries. Once well-combined I poured the filling to the pie crust I made.

I put the pie back into the freezer (or chiller) and let the filling set for about an hour or two. I skipped putting whipped cream on top the way others do (but you may if you want to) since I've been cutting down on my calorie intake. Instead, I incorporated strawberry slices (excess) and placed it on top of the filling before it is completely set.

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And so now, I have a pie for dessert tonight. I should have made this earlier this week for Vday if I only I thought of this recipe soon enough. I hope M will enjoy this later together with the Beef with Brocolli and Mushrooms I cooked. =)


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Online Filipino Worker said...

I wunts to make too. Tomorrow agad! hahaha, mashokaw.

maan said...

Nuks! make some na te! =) thanks for dropping by!

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