Be True To Who You Are

Posers are everywhere!
I just cannot understand how a lot of people pretend to be something or someone they are definitely NOT!

I was browsing my facebook account this afternoon and by chance saw X's profile picture. 
(Okay, itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang X.)
The profile picture sure looked familiar - as in!

Well turns out, it is my sister's picture.
To briefly describe - it's a picture of my sis (faced backwards) wearing her swimsuit and looking over a lovely scene somewhere in Palawan.
A very beautiful picture it is.

Now X (sadly we are related) claims it is her picture by posting it as her profile pic.
The post earned comments like,  "Ang ganda mo naman..."
And her responding, "Ang sexy ko no..."

To make the story more believable, X also grabbed another picture from my sister's multiply site - a picture of another scenery from Palawan where the prior picture was also taken.
Okay so what now?

I told my sister what I saw and she was pissed. (Who wouldn't be?)
She sent a private message to X, and told her that it's her picture.
Guess what X told her? 
"Ay ate nagandahan lang naman ako..."

What makes it worse is that even after the PM from my sister, X never deleted the picture.
So what does that make her?

The moral of the story: Never pretend to be someone you are not. 
That just shows how low your regard for yourself is.

As a mom, I try my best to let my son understand that it doesn't matter if you'll come out different 
or perhaps left out because you expressed how you really feel or think 
(because that's what you really are! - and people love you because you are YOU!).
...that it is okay if we sometimes cannot afford things his friends (or even cousins) have 
because that doesn't make him less of a person.
...and that pretending is like lying
And that almost always, pretending to be someone you are not leads you to troubles.

So X, if you get to read this I'm sure you'll know you are the X I am referring to, know what's the right and best thing to do. =)




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