Beef Salpicao

I have been inspired by my friend Lanie's adventures in her kitchen. A few weeks back, she posted a photo of her own version of the Pinoy Beef Salpicao at her facebook account. I felt a sudden urge to make one for our dinner, but never got to it until today.

I searched my cookbooks, but the closest I got was the Beef Salpicado - nothing close to what Lanie and Mark (another friend) was describing as authentic -- which is using Worcestershire sauce and Oyster sauce.

And so I searched the internet for the recipe closest to what my friends were talking about. I got two different yet similar versions from Home Cooking Rocks and Panlasang Pinoy. Studying their recipes, I proceeded to make my own version -- adjusting some things along the way.
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Beef Salpicao
(chunky style --- but after tasting and all, I suggest you guys cut the beef into thinner and smaller bits as the high heat might render your beef tough if not done properly --- or for reheating's sake)

1/2kg of beef tenderloin or sirloin (choose the tenderest part), cut into small squares or bits
1 head of garlic, minced
salt and ground black pepper
2T olive oil
3T butter
6T worcestershire sauce
2T oyster sauce

How I did it:
I marinated the beef with some of the minced garlic, ground black pepper and olive oil for at least 30minutes. (I ended up marinating it overnight because I had fever that afternoon and never got the chance to get back to the kitchen.)
Heat the wok or pan over high heat and sear the beef until all the sides are browned, but being careful not to burn the garlic bits.
I placed a pinch of salt, and poured the worcestershire sauce and oyster sauce.
Once I added the liquid ingredients, I lowered the heat a little.
When the liquid has evaporated and look thickened, I added the butter and sauteed the beef until well coated and cooked.
It is best served right away and over a steaming cup of rice.

*I added salt later in the cooking process to reduce the chances of drying out the beef.
*I skipped adding toasted/sauteed garlic bits/flakes but you may do so as you wish.
*No matter how I tried, I cannot keep the beef and reheat it for a later time because it will surely turn out tough. Ahh, I just wish it is as easy as my adobo. =)
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