Chicken Tinola

I told ya, LOTS of CHICKEN PIECES in the fridge...
What else could be the most classic way to prepare chicken (other than fried chicken) inside a Filipino home? TINOLA! 

Each time I make Tinola, I make sure I never use the chicken neck as high school Noli Me Tangere analysis left me stinged. LOL. I can clearly recall how Kapitan Tiago asked for Tinola to be served specifically for Crisostomo Ibarra during his homecoming dinner. That while the rest were enjoying their bowl of Tinola, Padre Damaso was furious because he only got skinless chicken neck and tough wings. 

...And I never wanted anyone feel infuriated or hurt because of that meatless part of the chicken. So no chicken necks in my grocery list ever! LOL.
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Chicken Tinola

cooking oil
1tbsp minced garlic
1/4cup sliced (or chopped) onions
2tbsp sliced ginger
1/2kg of chicken, cut into serving pieces
about 4cups of water (or more)
2cups of green (unripe) papaya, cut into wedges
1cup of sili leaves, rinsed and cleaned
fish sauce (patis) to taste
10pcs black peppercorns
*chicken broth cube (optional)

How I did it:
In a pan, I sauteed the onions, garlic and ginger. I added the chicken pieces and cooked until lightly browned. I poured in the water (4cups or water enough to cover the chicken pieces) and chicken broth cube and bring it to a boil. I then added the papaya wedges, black peppercorns and fish sauce. Let it simmer for about 10minutes or until the papaya wedges are cooked through. Add the sili leaves last and turn off the heat after about a minute.

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This dish is a comfort food for most of us. I grew up having Tinola soup during times when I am sick, along with lugaw. =)

Notes: I sometimes substitute the papaya with sayote (chayote) and sili leaves with malunggay leaves. I personally find the malunggay plus papaya version healthier and yummier, but well, that's just me. =)



maan said…
love ko rin ang wings! =) kakainin ko lang ang neck kung may isa pa akong meaty portion kasi kung yun lang bitin. haha! =)
maan said…
kung ako si Padre Damaso, hindi ako malulungkot. Hehe, fave parts ko ang leeg at pakpak! :P


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