Happy PBSCT Anniversary to me!

Today is a very special day!
This day exactly five years ago, I got a chance to a new life.

About 10 months after being diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia -

Three cycles of high-dose chemotherapy...(that each time took me months to recover from);
Two complete hair-losses...(which made me realize I can do a GI Jane);
Numerous blood transfusions...(that I am now suffering from too much iron in the blood);
Two blood catheter insertions...(that left scars and made me say goodbye to my plunging necklines);
Countless blood extractions, bone marrow aspirations and injections...(that left me feeling numb as always);
Medications that made Mercury Drug richer...(I am a "suki" to at least 3 of their branches);
Months of making the hospital my home...(I almost celebrated Christmas, New Year and my birthday there);
Millions of money...(God knows how much and how we were able to sustain everything);

On March 3, 2006, I received a gift of new blood.
The power of Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation seem to have worked on me (crosses-fingers).
There's never enough "thank you's" to everyone who's been there and helped me along the way.
:: :: ::
On a side note, my hematologist started putting up a foundation that will cater to leukemia patients, and patients (in general) that need to undergo transplantation. I am very much honored to be invited to join and do anything in my powers to help someone out there who may be undergoing what I have before.
Formalization is in the works, as they are still ironing out the foundation structure. But as early as now, I am reaching out to those who may have the resources to help out, if you can share some of your blessings to those who may need it most. Thank you and hope to hear from anyone of you. =)
:: :: ::


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