Red Crab, Resorts World

When we watched KAOS a few weeks back, we first had lunch at Red Crab in Resorts World.

I was too hungry that I forgot taking pictures of the food we ordered, but used the time waiting for the food to be served to take pictures of the restaurant interior.

I loved the way the resto felt airy as the “walls” (or should I say partitions) open up to the atrium.

The feature wall was too cute not to be noticed - with its Tong, Tong, Tong, Pakitong-kitong tessellation.

The hanging lighting fixtures looked sleek and cute - but I couldn't figure out if there's any logical sequence in their arrangement. I felt the whole restaurant was full of symbolic design translations but couldn't find what those lights signified (probably just utility).

Another feature wall! The other side of the restaurant looked like this - curves - which I think alludes to the ocean or water or waves. 

The kids surely had a great time, especially with the comfy chairs. My bad, I was not able to take a picture of the chairs - but this photo with my pretty nieces would suffice. =)

It is great to eat in a restaurant that is well-designed. While eating, the ambiance adds up to whole dining experience - making the food more delightful to eat. Diners and patrons will definitely feel that they are truly welcome in a dining setting well-thought of and that complements the food that is served in it.
For me, Red Crab cracked it! =)

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